NFTs: Not Fully Thought-out


Are Collectibles and Certificates Valuable? Yes!

“Blockchain” Means Trusting Nobody

“Blockchain” Means Trusting Nobody

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

“Move Over Sotheby’s! I Want a Certificate from THAT Startup!”

The Hope Diamond: A Killer Bar Mitzva Gift

Sandcastles of Demand

Alright, purist, armchair philosopher! I’m just interested in making money and it’s clear that you’re about as entrepreneurial as a career academic! You are hung up on semantics and The Market will move forward without you!

You have managed to convince me that none of this NFT business has anything to do with “Blockchain Technology” and that it wasn’t impossible to do before, but here we are! For better or worse, this is the platform that is taking off and it seems an easier, faster, more transparent way of doing something than has ever been possible without NFTs! Nobody thinks about or cares about your fancy “trust models”! Who cares if it’s a charade?!

Clearly the buyers of today are not concerned! There is demand!



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